BP checks

BP checks

High blood pressure (or hypertension) is when the blood pressure is 140/90 or higher over a number of weeks, even when you’re resting. 

Your blood pressure usually goes up and down depending on what you’re doing. If your blood pressure stays too high, for too long, then it can cause damage to your body. 

People with high blood pressure that is not controlled with medication are at an increased risk of having a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, heart disease and kidney failure due to the extra strain on the body’s organs.

High blood pressure does not usually have any symptoms so the only way to find out is by having your blood pressure checked.

All our pharmacies offer a free Blood Pressure check service. No appointment is necessary and it is quick and painless. 

Our pharmacists can discuss your results with you and offer help and lifestyle advice.For more information, see https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/high-blood-pressure-hypertension/

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